dSi Scott Systems Client Testimonials
I've been driving now for 13 years and still feel as though I've only just begun to drive. I'm a C-5 quad, and
my first time at the controls of the Scott system, I was hooked. The system is so user friendly, the client
kinesiotherapists from different hospitals and all have remarked how easily the van could be operated during
test drives. There are no words to truly express the independence and freedom I've experienced since our
first E-150 back in 1995. Driving may be a privilige for most, but for a quad like myself, it's a miracle. To the
guys at DSI, THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Bob, Elizabeth
Hello my name is Marko Urukalo.

I first drove a Scott System van in 1984. It belonged to my brother and I have been
received my new won in 2003. It too has kept me going safely and reliably since the
day it arrived at my door step. The Scott System is the best system out their for
anyone with limited strength and mobility. Bill, Rudy and Joachim along with all the
needs when I was fit for each vehicle. What is more important and to me even
greater is the continued concern for me and the willingness to help me as problems
or emergencies may arrive. An example is when I called Bill at 9:00pm on a Sunday
evening and left a message that I had an emergency. I prayed he would call me
back, and within 20 minutes my phone rang. At DSI I not only purchased a van twice,
but gained some new friends who are always there for me when I need them. No
other system comes close when it comes to the ongoing customer service. Things
happen, vehicles have issues, and the good people at DSI are there to help, despite
being 3000 miles away!
I became quadriplegic in 1978. It took me six years to get enough strength in my right arm to
be able to drive again. It was so exciting to know that someone had invented a van that I could
drive with limited use of one arm.  Thanks, Charlie Scott, who designed the van to drive much
like an airplane.  

To get my license, I practiced with a therapist from Sharp Rehab Hospital for 1,000 miles! The
hardest part of learning to drive was using the six mirrors I needed to be able to see the other
motorists around me. Qualifying for funding from the state was harder than learning to drive…
I have now been driving for over 25 years and am on my second Scott van.  I am so
grateful to Ruedi, Bill and all the others at DSI for all their work and support in been
able to remain working, stay active in my church and continue doing community
service—in addition, I can be impulsive in planning outings.
Thanks again DSI!
DSI is a terrific organization! I have been using a DSI modified van for the past 29 years and
the system has never let me down!!!! Having these modifications enabled me to have an
independent life (social and work). The people who developed the system and have since
worked on it are all wonderful, knowledgeable, and caring individuals. Whenever I have a
question or need something special done it is addressed immediately - a solution is always
found! I hope DSI continues forever!!!!

Dorothy Fletcher
Mary Kerr Video