Paravan Space Drive

Welcome to The Future

Paravan Space Drive

1 Add-on wing mirror: Extended field of vision: technology that has also proved its worth for the police and emergency services

2 Two-way joystick: Reliable vehicle control, controls with adjustable damping, system fully parametrisable via PC/laptop

3 Left-hand monitor: For safe, comfortable rear view

4 Right-hand split monitor: Extended field of vision to right and left with camera installed on roof

5 Control unit for special functions: Such as sun visor, light, horn, direction indicators or air conditioning

6 Gear Control: Easy-press keypad for selecting gears with automatic transmission

7 Mini-steering wheel: Digital alternative to standard steering wheel Individually parametrisable for every medical condition

8 Check Control: Control display for all functions of the entire SPACE DRIVE system

Paravan Space Drive